Fairytale Brownies Magic Morsel – 24 Gourmet Chocolate Basket

Chocolate brownies are arguably one of the most delicious naughty snacks you can eat. If the brownies are handcrafted with rich Belgian Chocolate they can be even more delicious. The 24 individual pieces included in this gift basket are not only made from Dark Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, but they are also made using rich creamery butter and fresh eggs straight from the farm. The 24 chocolate brownies are individually wrapped and packed inside a gift box for safe transit.

Included within the gift box and in addition to the 24 brownies, there are also packaged samples of the 1.5” x 1.5” Magic Morsel bite-size brownies in six assorted flavors: caramel; chocolate chip; cream cheese; raspberry swirl; walnut and original.

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Detailed information about Fairytale Brownies Magic Morsel – 24 Gourmet Chocolate Basket

For those of you who decide that 24 pieces of rich chocolate brownies are too much of a temptation the manufacturer also supplies boxes with 18 pieces or 12 pieces. For those of you who find that 24 pieces are not enough (perhaps you have a large family), there are boxes of 36, 48, and 96 pieces.

No matter how large the box you decide to order is, you can be sure that the quality of brownie is exactly the same in each box. The only things that change are the design on the box and the number of brownies inside.


This box holds 24 pieces of delicious chocolate brownies, but there are other sizes depending on your preference

All the brownies use rich and creamy, dark Belgian chocolate

Includes samples of bite-size Magic Morsels in six different flavors

This gift uses the same fresh and wholesome ingredients that you have come to expect from Fairytale Brownie products