Educational Insights Playfoam Combo

The Education Insights Playfoam Combo is the ideal way to keep the kids engaged in a fun learning experience, without the additional mess that the normal clay creates. It has the same features and is just as foldable as regular clay, however, the no-stick formula ensures to eliminate the clutter that comes with it. It enables anyone at any age to release their imagination and to create, squish and sculpt the desired shape. The lightweight and the no-stick formula are one of the advantages since the clay is easily transportable and perfect for squishing anywhere and at any time.

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Detailed information about Educational Insights Playfoam Combo

The no-stick structure of the foam enables a mess-free playtime for any toddler. This means that the foam will keep the child entertained while the parent can kick back and enjoy the coffee, or drive in the mornings. Due to the non-adhesive composition, the foam can be used even inside the car since it won't stick or ruin any surfaces. This ensures a better and mess-free driving experience for both the parent and the child, in a more relaxed and creative environment.