DR JK Ball of Foot Cushions

Our feet take a lot of strain throughout the day through standing, walking and running. After a while, after not being taken care of properly, they can develop conditions which make it hard and/or painful to walk. This can be avoided with DR JK’s Ball of Foot Pads.

It comes with 2 different pairs of PedPals: 1 pair of Metatarsal cushions and 1 pair of gel foot pads. The PedPals are orthopedic products that help improve your feet’s’ health in different ways. If you have metatarsal pain due to squished toes and joint problems, the metatarsal cushions are designed to distribute that pressure evenly across the foot to help relieve the pain. It can also help with easing the discomfort from calluses. They’re anatomically designed for the foot and offer comfort and stability while reducing any pain or burning sensations in the metatarsals.

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Detailed information about DR JK Ball of Foot Cushions

The gel foot pads are T-shaped and work to support the front of the foot. This helps relieve the pain of discomfort from flat metatarsal arches (the area between the toes and the rest of the foot). They are made from soft gel and have self-adhesive backing to help keep them in place in your shoes. It’s great for making your toes feel more supported in shoes and helps reduce the jolt felt when walking.