The Genius of Birds

For a long time, many people have had the idea that birds were probably one of the least intelligent of all animal species. This belief has overshadowed the bird kingdom, a belief that has had very little evidence to support it.

Over the past few years, however, revolutionary groundbreaking research has been done to try to either prove or disprove this widely held belief. Laboratory experiments designed to test the problem-solving abilities of common birds have brought new light to this age-old and erroneous belief.

This book, “The Genius of Birds” written by Jennifer Ackerman, an award-winning science writer, takes the reader on a tour around the world to show exactly what birds are truly capable of doing.

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Detailed information about The Genius of Birds

She finds that birds are in fact astonishingly intelligent creatures, capable of many feats of incredible mental prowess.

In fact, some research proves that some bird species rival primates and even humans in their incredible feats of intelligence.

This amazing book discusses their newfound intelligence, the possible reasons behind it and how their genius helps with their survival. Up until now, we thought that brain size was the measure of intelligence but the recent findings show that an animal doesn’t have to own a large brain to be intelligent.

This amazing and informative book shouts the triumph of these beautiful and fiercely intelligent animals.


This wonderful book tells the story of the research into the amazing intelligence of birds

A beautiful and well-written book full of scientific facts

Explores the world of avian intelligence in a way that very few books have ever done before