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We have curated this anime gifts guide to be filled with all sorts of great picks- both for those who enjoy anime and those who enjoy creating it (and everything in between! Anime isn’t just a type of art, it’s really more of a lifestyle! While it might have originated as a style of animation (and in fact, anime is a Japanese word that means animation), today people have embraced an entire world of anime. If you know anime lovers, getting them an anime gift is the perfect idea. If you aren’t quite sure what the right item is, however, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a fellow anime fan or not, our guide can help you find the right gift that any anime fan would love to receive for their birthday, graduation, anniversary, or just about any other special occasion or holiday!

10 Things to Consider When Browsing Anime Gifts

1. Learn their favorite show

There are a lot of anime shows out there! Which is their favorite? That is a great source of inspiration when looking for something to get them.

Listen up next time to you talk to see if you can figure it out without outright asking, or ask someone else who is likely to know if you are unsure!

2. Consider a manga gift

Have you ever heard of manga? It is very similar to anime - it is a Japanese style of either comics or graphic novels!

Typically, if someone is a fan of anime they are also a fan of manga. This is another gift idea to consider, especially if you want to go in a slightly different direction while still getting them something you know they will love!

3. Go for the collectible items

There are plenty of special, limited edition, or anniversary edition sets out there for various anime shows, and they make for a really great, thoughtful gift.

These are priceless Japanese themed items that any true fan would love to have and will keep forever! You can also consider things like figurines as well that make for great collectible items (and are also great decor!).

4. Clothing

Like we’ve mentioned, anime lovers really enjoy sharing their love of anime with the world! A great way to do that is through their clothing!

There are tons of fun clothing items out there - from t-shirts, to hoodies, even shoes. This is perfect for the outgoing person who loves expressing their personal style and love for anime.

5. Transform everyday items

Phone case? Turn it anime! Keychain? Anime! Bookbag? Anime! You get the idea.

There is an anime version of just about anything you can think of, giving you tons of fun options to explore!

This is great especially if you are shopping for a child or teenager - they will love all their new anime accessories and items and will have so much fun showing them off to their friends!

6. Find a new video game

There are so many anime video games out there!

This is perfect for the anime fan who also loves gaming, just make sure you get them a game they don’t already have, and make sure it works with whatever gaming console they have.

7. Go historical

There is a long history of anime. For the fan who loves creating anime themselves and loves learning about the history and tradition of the artform, gift them some books or other material that goes over the history of the art, famous artists, and more!

8. Decor

You can’t go wrong with artwork! This makes for a great high school graduation gift for the fan who is going off to college and needs art for their dorm, or as a housewarming present for the fan moving in to a new apartment or house!

9. Help with their costume

There are tons of anime conventions that take place throughout the year like Dragon Con, Comic Con, Anime Weekend, and more.

If you know someone who loves attending and getting all dressed up, why not gift them their costume (or part of their costume)?

After all costume parties are not only for Halloween, Star wars fans and Potterheads!

This is perfect if you know who they want to dress up as and can help them finish off their costume.

Costumes can get pricey, but they are so much fun. This is a great gift idea that they will really appreciate and put to good use.

They’ll keep the memories of the convention forever!

10. Tickets to a convention

If the person in question already has a costume or doesn’t need help, why not instead surprise them with actual tickets to the convention of their dreams?

This is a great idea that will totally surprise them and will make them so happy!

It's their chance to dress up, meet their favorite creators, and bond with fellow anime lovers. It doesn’t get better than that!

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Anime Gifts & Gift Ideas for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Anime originated, believe it or not, way back in the early 1900s. Most people place the official start at around 1917. Since then, it has exploded in popularity and is now more popular than ever.

Anime, which means animation, is often a type of animation film or television show, but anime characters are also popular as a form of fine art as well.

It is also found in clothing, accessories, decor, you name it! Anime is pretty much everywhere now because of its popularity.

Plenty of people are major fans of anime, there’s a great chance you know someone who loves it.

Perhaps they have a favorite character or movie, or maybe they enjoy being creative and making their own anime character or show!

Either way, clearly it is a great idea to get them an anime-themed gift come their special moment.

If you aren’t personally into anime, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Rest easy, however, because our gift guide is here to help!

It is curated with all sorts of unique and fun anime gifts for both guys and girls.

Whether you are shopping for a child, a teen, or an adult (there are anime fans of all ages!) you can find the perfect item here.

Gifts at Every Price Point!

We’ve also considered a variety of price points so that no matter your budget, you can find a unique and thoughtful item.

After all, you don’t want to end up with just any boring pick, you want to find something special!

Whether it is your children who love anime, your spouse or partner, your grandkids, or even maybe your coworker, if they love it,  you are sure to know about it.

What is great is that whether or not you are a fan, you can still find the perfect item thanks to our anime gifts guide put together by anime lovers in our office!