Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar With Lights

Who stole a cookie from the cookie jar? The Doctor Who fan, that’s who! This cookie jar is the perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan. You might think that a cookie jar isn’t a necessity, but when you are a Doctor Who fan, this interactive telephone box jar becomes more than a want, it is a need!

The jar is in the shape of the iconic Tardis telephone police box that takes Doctor Who traveling through time, but for you, it is the box that supplies you with delicious cookies. Best of all, the cookie jar lights up and makes noise. Either push the lamp at the top of the jar or simply close the lid and watch what happens. The light will light up and the box will make noise like it is about to take off – thankfully it won’t and the cookies can be enjoyed.

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Detailed information about Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar With Lights

This is the perfect gift for any person young or old who loves Doctor Who. Because this TV show has spanned generations, it makes for an excellent gift for both older individuals and younger ones. This show has fans of all ages, and all of them would love this cookie jar. If they decide they want to be more secretive with their late night cookie run, you can always choose to switch off the light and sound.

The base itself is around 6 by 6 inches and it is around 11 inches tall - perfect for any kitchen, even smaller ones that do not have a lot of counter space. The tall design means it can easily slot it in somewhere, but best of all, the inside is plenty big enough to hold cookies, or any other snack for that matter.