Think Geek Zombie Plush Slippers Fully Reviewed

Totally soft and comfortable to walk in, these slippers are designed to mimic the look of a zombie head – complete with blood and a dislodged eye. Gruesome! If you need the perfect gift for someone who loves to settle in and watch a good zombie movie, they need these slippers to complete their movie night outfit! The top of the head features some hair, but don’t let that trick you. Look over to the edge of the slipper and you’ll see the zombie’s brain! The attention to detail with these slippers make them such an awesome gift for anyone who actually enjoys getting scared.

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Alternatively, do you know someone who just isn’t a morning person? Maybe your spouse, sibling, or a coworker who you know hates the mornings? Why not get them these slippers as a way for them to totally embrace their morning zombie status. Perfect for anyone who has a good sense of humor, they will love wearing their zombie slippers while still in fact feeling like a zombie (life before that first cup of coffee is difficult!) To make it even better, these slippers don’t have a dedicated left or right foot, both are the same. Perfect for those early mornings (or late nights) when one doesn’t have the full brain power to get the shoes on right. These slippers are one size and can fit up to a size 12 in men’s shoes. The slippers have a back to them, ensuring the person can safely walk around in these, no matter what your shoe size is.