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P.L.A.Y. 5-Piece Garden Dog Toy Set

Dogs, man’s best friends are probably the only type of pets you keep in your house. They are lovely animals and a playtime moment goes beyond just jumping up and down. If you love spending quality time with your pups, then you understand that toys are necessary to keep the mood right. These toys range from soft dolls to hard toys.

As much as you can get any that you like, it is important to ensure what you choose lasts a long time while holding up despite the tossing and biting. This set from PLAY is of high-quality, and you could get one as a gift to a dog owner.



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Detailed information about P.L.A.Y. 5-Piece Garden Dog Toy Set

The gift set includes food-shaped toys in various options. A pack comes with carrot, pumpkin, peapods, zucchinis, and apples. The size variation allows you to use any of the items with the type of dog you keep. A small pup might find playing with the carrot quite easy than using the pumpkin. And, the best part your dog can play with any of these as they grow up.

The pieces are made of 100 % post-consumer recycled plastic. They are hand-made to ensure the quality of the end product. More to this the construction utilizes a double layer to ensure the toys withstand multiple tosses and bites. The ends are double-stitched to ensure the toy holds up well despite recurring scratching and biting. Each piece comes with a squeaker inside to spice up the fun moments with your pet.