Dog Etiquette When it Comes to Restaurants

Having the opportunity to bring your dogs to a restaurant can be a great opportunity for both you and your pet. With eateries becoming more accommodating to families and their pets, it’s important to learn about the dos and don’ts when dining out with extended members of your family. Although a restaurant may say that it’s pet friendly it doesn’t mean that your dog can behave any which way it wants.

Below are some great etiquette tips to take under advisement when you consider dining out with your dog.

Tip 1: Feed Your Dog Before You Go

Even if your dog is the most well trained pet on the planet, there’s no guarantee they won’t get excited when they start to see your food come to your table. Much like if you were hungry before you went out for dinner, you’d certainly be craving anything that’s put in front of you.

feed dog

Dogs are prone to barking and whining in the presence of food, especially if they’re hungry and definitely if they aren’t likely to be fed by you. It’s also important to note that feeding your dog with the food on your plate is obviously rude.

Your best bet is to make sure that your dog is thoroughly fed before you head out for dinner as this will help to reduce the chances of them acting up when they’re denied food from the dinner table.

Tip 2: Get Rid of Extra Energy

Aside from being hungry, your dog might start acting up if they’re too excited or energetic when they leave the house. Being in a new location and surrounded by people can be overwhelming, forcing them to start behaving inappropriately. Another great idea is to take your dog for a walk or a run before you go to a restaurant to ensure all of their extra energy has been spent.

It should only take a few minutes of your time and your pet will surely appreciate the extra attention they receive before you go out for dinner. It will surely minimize the likelihood of them pacing, barking, or attempting to jump up onto your lap while you’re enjoying your meal.

Aside from ensuring your pet is satisfied with the exercise they receive, you also need to consider the other people around you. For those who aren’t accustomed to living with dogs, an active animal can be distracting and take away from their dining experience.

Tip 3: Research Pet-Friendly Restaurants

As mentioned, restaurants are beginning to become more acceptable of pets being brought to their establishments but that doesn’t mean that every restaurant is pet friendly. Even eateries with outside patios might not want pets on their property. Instead of simply assuming that a place allows pets, it’s best if you do your research beforehand.

This can help to prevent you from being in an awkward situation when you need to seek out a waiter or waitress to ask if pets are allowed. Moreover, you’ll have the ability to find a new favorite restaurant where everyone in your family is welcome!

Tip 4: Bring a Bag of Distractions

Dogs are commonly compared to babies and children, and for good reason. Much like you would pack a bag of goodies for your kids when you’re eating out, you might want to consider bringing a few distractions for your pet as well. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to bring all of their toys with you but a couple of favorites can be quite useful.

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Try to focus on chewable treats or toys that don’t make any type of noise. This can also be a great training opportunity for your dog as you’ll have the opportunity to teach them positive behavior.

Tip 5: Take the Time to Learn Your Dog’s Behavior

At the end of the day, it doesn’t necessarily matter where you take your dog to eat if you know your pet isn’t the type to sit down and relax when they should. Every pet owner understands their dog’s personality better than anyone else and if you know it’s going to be a chore to keep Fido respectable then it’s best to leave them at home.

Tip 6: Bring a Leash

This is by far the most important tip to dog etiquette that must be followed, always remember to bring a leash! A pet-friendly eatery means that you’re more than welcome to bring your pet along with you for dinner but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re allowed to roam free.

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There’s no way to predict your dog’s behavior and not only will you want to avoid your pet wandering off into areas they’re not allowed to go, you’re not going to want them to interrupt anyone else’s meal. Not to mention if you own a particularly social breed, you won’t want to turn dinner into an impromptu puppy party.

Bring a comfortable leash that your pet is accustomed to and ensure that you keep them close to your table. Imagine if your dog were to walk away on their lead and trip a waiter on their way to a table. It would be an absolute nightmare and something you’d never forget!

When it comes to planning a night out with the family, choosing a restaurant can be a great opportunity although it can be difficult to enjoy a night away from home when you’re thinking about your pet at home by itself. With the help of dog-friendly restaurants and cafes, pet owners are able to go on outings with their pets but even though they may be accepting of patrons bringing their furry friends, there are still rules.

Learning about dog etiquette is important as it not only sets standards and positive behavior guidelines for your dog but it also shows that you are a responsible and caring dog owner. Before you decide on any restaurant, do your research and prepare yourself and your dog for a night of eating out and having fun. Otherwise, you’ll be more distracted trying to tame your pet’s behavior than enjoying yourself.

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