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CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven

One of the most exciting things about enjoying a weekend with friends or family is the opportunity to eat your favorite treats. Sometimes you have to go out to the eateries or call your delivery guy for your favorite pizza. But you can make these treats in the comfort of your house. With the right equipment and ingredients, you are a step away from enjoying your favorite bites. For pizza lovers, this does not get any better with the Pizza Box oven from Cuizen.

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Detailed information about CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven

There are times you have wanted pizza so bad but failed to enjoy even a piece because you cannot get one delivered to you. Now this comes to an end with the Pizza Box oven in your kitchen. It is easy to operate and you can have home-cooked pizza any other day. A good thing is that it comes with a guide to help you set the timer and temperatures for the various types of crusts.

The cooking surface has bottom and top elements to deliver well-cooked pizza. Also, it has a timer and adjustable thermostat. The Pizza box oven has a 1200 watts ensuring the pizza cooks well even on the inside. This kitchen piece can be a thoughtful gift to pizza lovers and those that love home-made recipes.