Circle Of Fifths Wall Clock

Having some trouble finding the perfect gift for the musician in your life? How about getting them something that functions practically and visually? Think about what every person needs in his/her life, regardless of the background or gender. Clocks!The Circle of Fifths Wall Clock from CafePress is a unique decorative piece that will make any music lover look at time much differently than before.

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Detailed information about Circle Of Fifths Wall Clock

Yes, the digital age has taken over and it seems as though everyone uses their phones to tell the time, but analog clocks are not dead, my friends. It is TIME to start looking at the many options available for these timeless classics. One, in particular, would be best for that artist you have in mind.

This gift brings the passion of music to life and offers a distinct addition to any room it is placed in. The professional print shows off its novelty design. Being battery operated also makes it very easy to place anywhere without the hassle of cords and searching for electrical outlets.