Thumbs Up! Melting Clock

People would often buy designers’ and stylish clocks for their homes but this one is unlike all the others. This Melting clock is inspired and made by Dali’s painting of melting clocks. It is a great and stylish gift for any art lover. The specific and unconventional design makes this clock one of a kind. It is a piece that can be hanged in any room of the house and it will certainly attract much attention.  This impressive artwork will make the time fly away while taking the giftee on a mental journey that changes the perspective of time. 

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Detailed information about Thumbs Up! Melting Clock

This unusual clock literally looks like it came alive from the painting. It features a design which allows for the clock to be put on any surface. The peculiar looks add to the unconventionality while still keeping its stylish features. The clock can be balanced on any surface and would not drop on the floor.  It features a technology called 'quartz precision' and it tells the time accurately. This means that the clock still serves its primary function despite its melting appearance.