Checkered Chef Best Pizza Cutter

You probably have had a moment when you have failed to get the equal parts of a cake after cutting. However much you try to estimate the angle, you most definitely end up with different sizes. This also happens when your friends have to share a pizza.

If a loved one loves to make homemade pizza, then you should get them this pizza cutter. It will come in handy when sharing it and it takes no effort at all. It can be a gift for any event and works well in slicing pizza and cakes.

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Detailed information about Checkered Chef Best Pizza Cutter

The cutter has a super sharp blade which is designed for heavy use with less effort when pressing down to cut. Four cuts of pizza or cake are enough to get eight equal pieces of the snack. The cutter is made of premium quality stainless steel for durability. Since the blade is extremely sharp, it comes with a plastic sheath. This is essential to protect fingers or unexpected accidents during use and storage.

With the cutter, your friends will not have to complain about losing the last piece of bacon on their slice of pizza. The usual pizza roller tends to carry along toppings which unfortunately take away the best part. More to this, the blade does not have seams or additional elements where germs can hide. It is one solid piece which is easy to clean and store.