Cats are Weird and More Observations Book

One can never fully understand the behavior and characters of animals. For cats, they are a little cheeky and will have people burst out in laughter at some point. While this to some it is obvious, a cat lover will find humor in the weird behaviors of cats.

Therefore, if you are looking to gift a cat lover with something that will put a smile on their faces, then this funny cat book will do the trick. It brings out the funny side of a cats life and will undoubtedly impact humor and laughter. It can be a gift for a cat lover’s special event or as a token of appreciation for taking care of these furry creatures.

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Detailed information about Cats are Weird and More Observations Book

As mentioned, the book delves deep into the life of cats both indoors and outdoors. It includes comic stripes or black and white art illustrating the weird behaviors that cats show. Think of how funny it looks when the cat confronts the vacuum cleaner, how it seriously licks a shoe and the funny moments when it caves in the cabinet.

Such moments are hilarious, and one cannot help but laugh about it. More to this, the pictorials provided are an accurate representation of the funny faces and body curves the cat makes when it's out there being mischievous. Sometimes, it will be scary for the cat while it will bravely confront a situation with this fierce face. All these moments are captured in this book.