Twelve South HiRise Deluxe for SmartPhones

We bet the techie in your life doesn’t have this awesome gadget accessory! The HiRise deluxe is the best accessory a person can get for any smart device. It can be used for an iPhone, iPad or a smartphone. It is an adjustable dock that charges the phones or the tablets. Its shape allows it to fit perfectly on any kind of surface. It can be put on a desk, on the counter or on a nightstand. Now users can use their devices while they are getting charged. This device comes with both, a lighting cable and a micro-USB cable so it can work with virtually any device.

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Detailed information about Twelve South HiRise Deluxe for SmartPhones

This would be a perfect gift for a person who tends to take a lot of video calls, for those who use their technology devices as an alarm clock, for those who use gadgets in cooking or crafting instructions. This device can be used for anything really! It elevates the phones and tablets and it is made really sturdy so it is durable as well. It is made to be easily adjusted to the perfect height and angle. It is great for hands-free usage and looks very minimalistic and slick too. This pedestal can be brought anywhere!