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BabyIn Hooded Bath Towel

When choosing appropriate items for your bundle of joy, you ought to consider comfort and quality. Most baby items promise to keep the baby comfortable but after a while, start to tear apart. Such an experience can have a toll on your finances since you need to replace these essentials. One of the essential baby items a new mother should have is a baby towel. And because quality matters, this Babyin hooded bath towel is a suitable choice.

This towel, in a bright yellow color, is suitable for both girls and boys and the good thing is that you can use it for infants up to 6 years of age. It also has a puppy dog design at the hood which makes it even more attractive to kids. It is super soft and the flannel material ensures a soft feel on your baby’s skin.

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Detailed information about BabyIn Hooded Bath Towel

More to this, it is highly absorbent to dry out water as soon as you finish bathing your baby. It is warm enough and wrapping it around your baby after a bath will protect them from feeling cold before dressing. Because a baby’s skin is sensitive, you need a safe towel to avoid risks of contracting allergies. With this flannel towel, you can be sure the baby is safe from chemicals that are used to treat fabrics.