Dreampad Advanced Music Pillow

Did you know that according to the CDC, 1 in 3 adults are not getting enough sleep? Not getting enough sleep isn’t good. We need sleep to function properly in our day. We need sleep to allow our bodies to relax and unwind itself from a long day. To get a better sleep, we could do multiple things. We could go to bed earlier, we could cut out high caffeine drinks 2 hours before bed, we could limit our electronic usage, and we could even listen to some music that would help us fall asleep. Music can peacefully put us to sleep, although the way we listen to music is not always comfortable. Well, we here at That Sweet Gift know something that will not only make sleeping comfortable but also provide a way to listen to music to lull you away. We now want to present the Dreampad Advanced Music Pillow!

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Detailed information about Dreampad Advanced Music Pillow

The Dreampad Pillow isn't an ordinary pillow. Yeah sure, it may look like an ordinary one, but on the inside, it's actually much more. It's a pillow that features a high-quality speaker built it. Now you may be thinking that if a speaker was inside of a pillow it may not be all that comfortable, but in truth, this pillow is actually quite comfortable. Each pillow is made out of a light, soft and 100% hypoallergenic cotton shell. The slim support pillow has been specifically designed for children or even adults who like thin and comfy pillows. Each pillow comes with a pillowcase specifically designed for the pillow of choice. Dreampad Pillow has been designed in such a way that only you can hear the music, not your partner. The way it does this is that the music is conducted to the inner ear via gentle soothing vibrations, not through airwaves. There are 3 different ways to connect the music you know and love to your Dreampad. The first thing you can do is to simply download the Dreampad App and plug your phone into the pillow. The other thing you can do is plug in an mp3 player. Lastly, you can do it with Bluetooth.