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Dear Ava Aunt Necklace

Your is probably the one who has been in your life since birth. She has most likely held you on several occasions when you were going through a rough patch or shared your joyous moments together as a family. She is simply one of the best people in your life, a fantastic and caring friend.

Thus, it makes sense to celebrate your aunt on those special occasions and give a little gift to remind her that she means a lot to you.  And because she is adorable and special, it would be such an honor to gift her with a personalized gift that conveys just the right message of how you feel about her.

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Detailed information about Dear Ava Aunt Necklace

And what a befitting gift to give her other than this beautiful necklace from Dear Ava. This aunt necklace is undoubtedly one the suitable piece of jewelry that you can bless your aunt with. When it comes to gifting, particularly to women, you will never go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Thus, this stylish looking necklace with interlocking circles falls in the category of best gift ever to give to your aunt.

This Dear Ava necklace is handcrafted with 925 sterling silver. Its available in silver, gold and rose gold colors and so you will be able to pick just the right color that will complement her.

  • Comes with a blank thank you card and an envelope inside for a personalized message
  • The package comes with a silver saver bag and a dust bag