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Promotion & Beyond P&B Bae Best Auntie Ever Tee

Your favorite aunt is more than a friend, she is like your best friend and next thing to your mom and most probably your to-go-to person. She might be the one person who would bail you out in any situation. An aunt is a true definition of your person.

So, when it’s that time of the year to celebrate special occasions for your loved ones like Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthday, graduation or any other memorable occasion you just have to go out your way and get her something special that conveys a sentimental and thoughtful message. And since aunties are usually cooler, well, than moms, why not get her this stylish V-neck shirt from Promotion and Beyond?

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Detailed information about Promotion & Beyond P&B Bae Best Auntie Ever Tee

The V-neck women's shirt is not only fashionably stylish, but it also has a nice V-cut which gives it a uniquely feminine look. This shirt will look good on your aunt as casual wear especially when paired with denim pants.

The P and B women's V-neck shirt is super cute and has funny and cool lettering printed across the chest reading ‘BAE' and a translation to mean ‘Best Aunt Ever.' It's certainly the cool message you would want to send to your favorite aunt. This cool V-neck shit will undoubtedly be received with a lot of joy by your adorable aunt, and she will be thrilled to learn that she is ‘BAE' to you.

  • Made of 100% Ringspun cotton material
  • Available in different colors