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Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44mm) Fully Reviewed

This Apple watch series 4 will be an extremely valuable accessory to anyone who is into a strict fitness routine and enjoys healthy activities. If you have an outdoorsy person in your life who enjoys all outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping or jogging, we believe this Apple watch will be one of the best gifts to them.

This watch is engineered and designed to help one maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and stay well connected. It’s a cool tech device that comes with lots of features, and so far, it has the largest display as an Apple watch. Equipped with a GPS, this watch is the ultimate running companion as it allows one to keep track of their runs every time they are on the move. No more second-guessing the time taken or the distance covered. With advanced features such as cadence and pace alerts, this device will come in handy for a runner in your life.

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Detailed information about Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44mm) Fully Reviewed

Through the proactive health monitor, the owner of this Apple watch will be able to get notifications on their heart rate and monitor it. It can even detect a fall, and if no movement is detected afterward, this wonderful device will contact emergency services and play an audio message to let them know that it detected a fall and share location.

With this Apple watch, one will be in a position to set their workout goals, share their routine with friends, record their achievements and get all the motivation they need through the comprehensive activity tracker.

What more, it gives one an easier way to connect with Apps, walkie talkie, messages and make phone calls. Everything is right there readily accessible on your wrist.


An original Apple accessory that allows for easy ways to connect

Equipped with an activity tracker

Features heart sensors, digital crown, fall detection, and accelerometer

Its swim proof

The speaker is 50% louder