Apple AirPods – Wireless Earphones for your iPod

Wireless headphones that are small, convenient, and most importantly sound great. These Apple AirPods earphones are a perfect hands-free solution for staying plugged in and on top of things no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Get ready for the next big thing in hands-free phone technology. These Apple AirPod earbuds have a high-quality crystal clear sound that belies their small size. The superior sound, combined with smart technology that allows these AirPods to work seamlessly with your iPhone, makes these earbuds a winner and the perfect gift to make this the best Christmas ever for someone special on your shopping list.

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Detailed information about Apple AirPods – Wireless Earphones for your iPod

Being able to answer the phone while jogging, walking, driving, or shopping without having to stop and rifle through a purse or empty out pockets. AirPods work beautifully and sound great. If a call comes in while listening to your favorite playlist, simply double tap the outside of the AirPod to answer the call. When the call is finished just double tap again to hang up. It couldn’t get much easier than that. Simply put your AirPods into the case and you can charge on the fly.


Great hands-free communication for the person on the go

Superior quality sound with a smart design; music has never sounded better

Comes with an Apple charging case for hours of uninterrupted listening