A Jar of Nothing Gift

How many times have you asked members of your family or your friends what they would like as a gift to celebrate Christmas or a birthday? How many times has the answer been “Nothing”? Every family has someone who is really difficult to buy for at celebrations. You know who I am talking about, don’t you? They always ask for nothing and then become so disappointed and have that glum, sorrowful look on their face when you don’t get them anything.

And if you do buy them something, they already know, even before the parcel is opened that they won’t like it. They have already made up their mind. Now you will be able to give them exactly what they ask for: A jar of nothing. And if they argue about it, you can show them where it says exactly what is inside, “Nothing”. There is even a contents list on the back that says nothing too.


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Detailed information about A Jar of Nothing Gift

What more could anyone ever ask for. If you shake it, there is no sound. If you hold it upside down without the lid, nothing falls out.

This little White Elephant Gift will show that you really take note when they drop hints as to what they would like for a gift. It might even tell them that next time you want a proper answer when you ask them what they want for Christmas. After all there are only so many “Jars or Nothing” you can put on display, isn’t that right?


Made from food grade and dishwasher proof stoneware

The jar has a fully functional lid to make sure that “Nothing” escapes from the jar

Large enough to be useful as storage jar if you really want to

Comes in a decorative gift box


A review stated that the lid sometimes won’t unscrew and the lettering can be a bit out of line