4M Table Top Robot

Kids will always find learning easier if the act of learning involves an element of play. In fact, that is what play is for, to exercise the body and mind in preparation for real-life experiences. This “Table Top Robot” from 4M is a really clever educational toy designed to teach the child about robotics, mechanical principles, how to use tools and practice their manual dexterity.

The useful little construction toy is a practical and stimulating science and engineering kit that will teach the basics of mechanical engineering and robotics while building a mechanical and moving crab. After the robot crab has been built, it will scuttle about on the floor or on a tabletop and change direction only when it encounters some kind of obstacle. It will turn and spin and sometimes even do acrobatic tricks.

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Detailed information about 4M Table Top Robot

The child is assumed to know nothing about mechanical engineering or robotics as all instructions are included. The kit contains all the parts needed to construct this amazing mechanical crab, all that the child has to supply is a Philips head screwdriver, one AA battery and the occasional clarification or supervision from an adult. It is suitable for any child above the age of nine years with the ability to hold and use a screwdriver and the reading ability to follow concise and clear instructions.

There are other toy robot construction kits as well as creative craft kits available in the 4M range and these are available on the 4M shopping page in Amazon. All the kits are dedicated to encouraging children to use their problem-solving skills and manual dexterity to create either an artistic, scientific, robotic or engineering toy that they will be proud of.



Provides a true learning experience by keeping it fun and challenging

There is a full range of different 4M toys to teach your child different skills

Build your child’s self-confidence and learning skills