3Doodler – 3D Drawing Pen

Have you ever had a day where you and your kids are stuck inside the house because it was just pouring rain outside?  In times like these, you are forced to allow them to spend countless hours watching tv, playing video games, playing on tablets and other things that are probably not the best things to have your kids do. Instead of wasting their time, they could be doing something else that is not only releasing their inner creativity but also letting them express their imagination. With that said, I now introduce to you the 3Doodler, the only safe 3D drawing pen for kids!


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Detailed information about 3Doodler – 3D Drawing Pen

3Doodler is an amazing technologically advanced toy. The 3Doodler pen does not even require it to be plugged into anything. Yes, you can have it plugged in, but after plugging it in and charging it up, it will wirelessly work for up to an hour of drawing time. 3Doodler has been made with kids in mind, as it is the first safe 3D pen out there. There is nothing on the pen that heats up. Nothing involving messy glue. No messy resins. It is perfectly safe and clean.

Since it makes no mess it also has a very easy cleanup. The way it works is you can charge it up to use it wirelessly, or plug it in and start using it right away. When ready to use, simply put in the desired color plastic strand and start creating! Another great aspect of this toy is that it is considered a STEM toy. STEM refers to the idea that the toy will have science, technology, engineering, and math aspects to it that will spark your child’s creativity, design, planning, building, and spatial understanding. This is something that kids will love to do, and adults may even want to get in on some fun.