YiaMia Cute Night LED Cactus Light

Adding a bit of fun to a room, dorm or an apartment is always a great idea. With these LED cactus-shaped lights everyone can make their living space a bit more exciting. They are cute looking and they are practical as well.  This Cactus light will surely fit most interior styles and it will serve as a great match for a kids or teens room. It can be put up in the window or it can be placed on a nightstand. This cactus light will bring the life back to the room, especially at night. It is an awesome gift that anyone will like and cherish.

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Detailed information about YiaMia Cute Night LED Cactus Light

The LED lamps come in four shapes: cactus, flamingo, tree, star, and pineapple. Buyers can purchase a kind of light that will match the gift recipient. This fun lamp is a perfect size as it is standing at 11.8 inches tall. It will make a stylish statement in any kind of room. It can fit into any kind of space and will serve as a great accent too. The lamp comes with a hole in the back that allows it to be hanged on a wall. This makes the lamp diverse in its abilities to be used around the house. It uses 2AA batteries to run and it is cord-free so it is moveable.