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QiaoFei Pink Flamingo Party Light, Marquee Lights for Wall

Proper lighting is essential in any space. The type of lighting features you choose depends on the space, the size, and the color preferences. For parties, a little ambiance and uniqueness are needed to spice up the area. If you want a modern touch to your party night or simply adding vibrancy in a small area, then stand-alone lights can come in handy. This Pink Flamingo Party light can be what your space needs for transformation.

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Detailed information about QiaoFei Pink Flamingo Party Light, Marquee Lights for Wall

The light has a unique design featuring a flamingo shape which looks beautiful when placed in the dark.  If you would love to fix it on the wall, you can use the hole behind the lamp or simply put it on a flat surface such as a side table. Also, you can use it indoors or outdoors as long the weather is dry.  The light uses 2AA batteries, and an on and off switch is on the side for easy use.

Since lamps can take quite some time to set up, these one comes as a complete piece, and once the batteries are placed, it is ready to light up. This makes it appropriate for party tables, sitting room lighting or your baby's room. You do not have any wiring to connect the lamp, and it is safe to use anywhere around the home.