Pure Copper Insulated Beer Mug

We all have that friend that swears on beers. It is undoubtedly their favorite drink, and they wouldn’t mind enjoying a bottle every other day. Now, if you would try and get them something that would enhance their drinking sprees, then you will make to the top of the friends’ list.

One of the gifts for a beer lover would have to be this insulated beer mug from Pure Copper. It will indeed come in handy for someone that has to keep tossing ice cubes to enjoy a cold beer. But, this never has to happen anymore with this mug. It can be a lovely gift regardless of the occasion in mind.

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Detailed information about Pure Copper Insulated Beer Mug

So, how does this mug work? It does keep beer cold up to the last drop. Well, this happens without the need of chilling or adding diluting ice cubes to enjoy a cold drink. The design of this mug makes it all possible. It has two impenetrable walls of steel with airspace between them. This design is what makes the mug insulated hence keeping the temperatures within as constant as possible.

When it comes to the size of a beer mug, this one carries the day. It is designed to hold a whole bottle of beer for you to enjoy a cold drink continuously. The cup has a capacity of 17 ounces and can hold up to 16 ounces of beer together with foam at the top. This is the perfect size of a beer mug that will leave your buddy enjoying a chilled drink to the last drop.