Huntkey USB Wall Outlet Mount Cradle Device

We’ve all had the problem of trying to plug our phone, computer, lamp, and alarm clock in right next to our bedside table. Unless you happen to have a brand new home with a plethora of power outlets, it’s not going to be possible without the Huntkey SMD407. This plug-in add-on is incredibly useful, featuring not only the standard two outlets but an additional two USB ports as well.

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Detailed information about Huntkey USB Wall Outlet Mount Cradle Device

This device, which can deliver a full 2.1A charge to a single device or two 1.0A charges to two devices simultaneously, can also be used in the kitchen, behind the TV, or anywhere else in your gift recipient’s house that could use a little more power. The unit’s built-in ledge allows you to place your charging phone or tablet directly on top of the outlet, saving you space and increasing the number of areas that you can plug the unit into.