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Engineer By Day Chef By Night Board

Is your loved one an engineer? Better yet, do they like to cook? Best of all, are they any good at it? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, have you ever considered buying them a cutting board to protect the work tops and counters when they are let loose in the kitchen? This Bamboo cutting board, laser engraved with the slogan “Engineer by Day, Chef by Night” is the perfect gag gift for the engineer in your family who also like to cook.

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Detailed information about Engineer By Day Chef By Night Board

The engraving is on one side only so the chef can cut on one side and display the other side. The bamboo is pre-oiled so it will last for many years even if it is used every day. Bamboo is stronger than many hardwoods and safer to use in contact with food too. Not only that, but bamboo is 100% sustainable when compared to rain forest hardwoods. Remember that the cutting board is made from natural bamboo and that every piece of bamboo is unique so the cutting board that is unpacked may be slightly lighter or darker than the one displayed in the advertising picture.

You can just imagine your loved one’s smile when they unpack this lovely gift from you. The slogan is so cute it will no doubt please the recipient.


These cutting boards are made from 100% sustainable bamboo, pre-oiled for durability

Bamboo is stronger than a lot of hardwoods and safer for contact with food than many equatorial hardwoods

This cutting board is a perfect gag gift for the engineer and chef in your household

They are both large enough to be used as a practical cutting board or just as a wall mounted decoration


There is no warning about keeping separate cutting boards for different kinds of food. For example raw meat and fish compared to vegetables, fruit and bread. Always use a separate cutting board for different kinds of food

Harmful bacteria can lodge in cracks and in the grain of hardwood and bamboo cutting boards