Toysmith Euler’s Disk

We expect that many people have spun a coin on its edge and watched as the coin loses energy and eventually stops spinning. This is a simple version of an educational toy known as Euler’s Disk supplied by Toysmith. The toy consists of a chrome plated steel disk about 3” in diameter onto which can be placed various pieces of magnetic holographic foil designed to enhance the optical display that takes place while the disk is spinning. There is also included in the pack a 9” concave mirror base onto which the steel disk is spun in the same way as a coin is spun.

The toy is very simple to operate and will have most kids aged above 8 years old fascinated by the sound and light show that takes place. The rhythmic humming combined with the holographic light show really fascinates. This is a scientific educational toy that is so simple to operate that a child could do it. The toy also comes with a leaflet explaining the full science behind the toy.

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Detailed information about Toysmith Euler’s Disk

This is a fabulous toy for anyone over the age of 8 years. Use it as a way of passing a few idle minutes, see if it is possible to work out how the disk appears to speed up just before it stops, or use it as an executive toy in the office.

Like most things in the universe, it is the simple problem that keeps people interested and coming back for more. This toy is so addictive that most people need to know how the disk operates and the science behind the solution.



This is a really clever educational toy that will encourage your child to solve physics problems

Produce interesting rhythmic sounds and fabulous light shows

A simple yet effective toy that will exercise the child’s brain