X-Wing Vs.Tie Fighter Christmas Jumper

There is no single Star Wars fan who doesn’t have considerable collectibles or memorabilia to show their love and support for this great series. Gifting this bunch becomes quite easy. You know anything associated with Star Wars will be a welcome gift to them.

On that note, how about you make a real Star Wars fan own the battle of Death with this super cool official Stars Wars X- Wing Vs. Tie fighter Christmas ugly sweater? Whether they are battling in the skies to win over Yavin, of fighting Hoth, or for some reasons Coruscant, with this beautifully knitted Star Wars Christmas ugly jumper, they can proudly show their passion for the alliance.

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Detailed information about X-Wing Vs.Tie Fighter Christmas Jumper

This is the perfect item for a fan who has been yearning to show their enthusiasm and love for the empire. With this present, they can now do so (in style). The sweater which is an official product of Star Wars is beautifully knitted to perfection. The quality is excellent and its incredibly warm and cozy.

The Star Wars X-Wing Vs. Tie Ugly Fighter sweater is 100% knitted with admirable quality. It's gorgeous and geeky, and will without a doubt become a favorite to a Star Wars fan. Even better, there is no chance of missing the right size for the person you plan to get it for. The ugly jumper is available in different sizes.


Beautifully knitted 100%

Designed in a unisex design

Available in different sizes


Some sizes run smaller than expected