Star Wars Men’s Rebel Alliance Tie

Getting a man a tie for a gift used to be considered the boring thing to do. Perhaps if you had a regular tie that would be the case, but this Star Wars tie is nothing but regular or boring! This Rebel Alliance tie is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan.

Whether you are shopping for your dad, your brother, your spouse, or just a friend, they are all sure to love this unique tie. Choose between three different ties- either a navy tie with white symbols, blue tie with light blue symbols, or a blue tie with red symbols. And what are the symbols? The Rebel Alliance starbird insignia, of course! Any true fans of the series will instantly know what the pattern is and will want to wear the tie every day.

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Detailed information about Star Wars Men’s Rebel Alliance Tie

What is great about this tie is that it is subtle enough that you could wear it to work, but is unique enough that any man will love it. If someone doesn’t know Star Wars, they would just assume its a standard patterned tie, but for those who know, they will all be jealous of the pattern and want one of the ties for themselves.

In all other ways, this is a standard tie, a little over 3 inches wide and 57 inches long. This is the perfect way to amp up a typical outfit to wear to the office without being over the top. If you are a wife shopping for the perfect gift for your husband, and if he is a fan of Star Wars, you have found the perfect gift.