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Blümwares Wood Herb & Spice Rack Stand with 12 Clear Glass Jars

Especially if you are passionate about cooking, then having some small, but otherwise incredibly useful items around the kitchen can make your cooking experience all the more convenient and enjoyable. One of those items can be Blumware’s Wood Herb and Spice rack stand, which also contains 12 clear glass jar bottles on hand. Particularly if you tend to work with a lot of herbs and spices for flavoring your meals (think curry, soups, and stews), then having such an item is the perfect way to remain organize and not having to stress so much about constantly opening and closing cabinets to get another new spice or herb out for seasoning.

To add to this, the rack stand can make your cooking experience even more organized with small plastic labels that you can attach to each clear glass jar bottles, so as not to mix up tarragon with basil, rosemary, or any other similar-looking herbs and spices out there. Even more so, having such labels makes it easier to know what needs to be restocked when it is running low, so you can know what to get next time you go to the grocery store.

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After some time, your clear glass jar bottles might start to become a bit dirty—to avoid letting bacteria and dirt into the jar bottles, you can easily clean them out, either by running water over them or tossing them into the dishwasher for a quick rinse (yes, they are dishwasher-friendly!).