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LIGHTSHARE 5ft Artificial Lighted Palm Tree

When you imagine palm trees, what image comes to your mind? Perhaps a line of these magnificent trees swaying gently in tune with the coastal breeze.

There is not greater picturesque background and a signifier of awesome and pleasant climate than the presence of palm trees. They are aesthetically appealing and a staple tree in most landscaping plans.

The sight of palm trees makes most people imagine beautiful sandy beaches and warm climate. Sadly, its only areas with an arid Mediterranean climate that support the growth of these trees.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t have this beautiful scenery in your background. Not when you can add this artificial lighted palm tree by LIGHTSHARE!

Have you got someone in your life who has a lovely outdoor space? How about you spruce up their backyard scenery with this beautiful 5ft LED lighted palm tree?

This product will make an excellent home gift!

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Detailed information about LIGHTSHARE 5ft Artificial Lighted Palm Tree

This artificial palm tree, which is about 5ft in height, comes loaded with 56 LED lights. It is designed with green fabric lights and a curved brown trunk.

These features make this lovely tree appear more natural and realistic.

The LED lights add just the right amount of sparkle and create a magical wonderland scenery.

The tree comes equipped with 24V UL adapter. This low voltage makes it absolutely safe for outdoor and home use.

Additionally, the LED lights are energy-efficient and have a long life span going up to 30000 working hours.


An artificial palm tree with a unique design

Comes loaded with 56 LED lights for added sparkle and brightness

The lights have low voltage making the tree safe for outdoor and indoor use

A great décor item

Easy to set up


Needs extra reinforcement for stability