Primitives by Kathy: Best Friend’s Tea Towels

This Best Friend’s Tea Towel will put a smile on anyone’s face. It is made from a high-quality cotton material that makes it a perfect companion for the kitchen. It has a nice and humorous quote that will make any giftee cherish the buyer to the moon and beyond. This towel is produced by Primitives by Kathy and comes with a writing on it. The writing says: BEST FRIEND ‘bitch please, she is my sister from another mother’. Every friend will burst out laughing and they will forever love the person who decided to buy this as a gift for them.

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Detailed information about Primitives by Kathy: Best Friend’s Tea Towels

These tea towels are made from strong cotton of high quality, which makes them soft and durable. The towel looks thin but it absorbs enough water when wiping utensils. It has a loop that enables the user to hang it somewhere in the kitchen. Maybe on the fridge, in the drawer or just next to your kitchen sink. This imported piece of fabric is made with love and great care.