White Trash Cooking: 25th Anniversary Edition

It makes sense to get a gift that will not only impress the recipient but also help in their day-to-day lives. While there are many options for this, it is important to consider what they would find attractive and preferable to them. But, one can never go wrong with a gift gearing towards the food section.

Everyone loves food, and if you like to impress in this field, then a recipe book would come in handy. This means not just any recipe book but one with a funny twist to the instructions and methods of food preparation. This 25th-anniversary edition of White Trash Cooking by Earnest Matthew is one of these. It can be a suitable white elephant gift for everyone that finds humor in such cookbooks.

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Detailed information about White Trash Cooking: 25th Anniversary Edition

The book, compiled over a quarter century ago, comprises o more than 200 recipes of the favorite creations at that time. All the recipes lie in the white trash way of cooking which for some reasons people found hilarious and fun to take part in. For people that were born around that time, the book revives the childhood memories of the sweet and savory treats they enjoyed. It is, therefore, an excellent gift for peers, family and anyone else that enjoys food creativity.

  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Funny twists to the instructions

Great for reviving childhood memories

  • Includes obvious recipes