Whiskey Granite Stones Luxury Gift Set of 8 Ice Cubes

These Whiskey granite stones form TANGRA will be the best thing to happen to a whiskey and a scotch lover. Any whiskey lover will tell you how frustrating it can be when ice dilutes and waters down the fine flavor of whiskey. But with this granite stones, the traditional ice cubes will be an old story.

Whoever said on the rocks, they must have had these whiskey granite stones on their mind. And so, if you have a whiskey lover in your life, this luxury set of 8 reusable whiskey granite chilling rocks will without a doubt be the best gift to them. Or, if you are looking for the most appropriate gift for your ever-dedicated boss, then look no further. These reusable chilling stones will be a hit and definitely a memorable gift.

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Detailed information about Whiskey Granite Stones Luxury Gift Set of 8 Ice Cubes

These are quality chilling stones for cooling a drink while at the same time they maintain its pure taste. No more diluted drinks or altered taste. These granite ice stones will be the best drinking companion for a whiskey or scotch lover. They get to have a refreshing and chilled glass of whiskey with its pure taste: no taste alteration, no dilution.

These chilling rocks are the perfect premium bar accessories. They are luxurious and sit beautifully and elegantly in a glass.

The set comes with 8 smoothly polished natural granite whiskey stones. They are luxurious with a fine-precision cut. The stones are shaped into cubes and will undoubtedly give a glass of whiskey a unique character and add class and sophistication to it.


The set comes with beautifully polished and cut whiskey granite stones

They are certified as safe by FDA and SGS

The stones are smoothly polished to ensure that they don't scratch glasses or add taste and odor to a drink

The set comes elegantly packaged in a wooden gift box