Vintage Parisian Style Bronze Tricycle – 6 Wine Glass & Bottle Holder

Wine lovers, and we mean people who love the whole philosophy of wine, not just those who drink for the sake of it, love all the paraphernalia that goes with it. The vintage corkscrews, the geeky wine glasses and all such accessories that hover around the periphery of the wine drinking scene.

Some of them are useful, some have a sense of class, while others are geeky and just a bit ‘over the top’. In which category this product falls is purely up to the reader to decide. The Vintage Parisian Style Bronze Tricycle from My Gift is one of those objects that can be placed in any one of the chosen categories.

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Detailed information about Vintage Parisian Style Bronze Tricycle – 6 Wine Glass & Bottle Holder

The Tricycle holds six wine glasses and a standard sized wine bottle in readiness to be used. Some wine lovers might ask the big question “Why?” while others will accept it and gleefully add it to their collection of eighteenth-century Italian goat horn drinking goblets or early twentieth-century corkscrews.

In a way, the vintage style bronze ornament has a charm of its own when put on display with other unusual knick-knacks but really shows its purpose (if you can call it that) with the addition of the six wine goblets and the bottle of French red. It could be said that this ornament is perfect as a table centrepiece or for storing a bottle on the kitchen countertop. It is made from sturdy bronze colored metal and actually comes in three separate pieces in case the owner needs to store it away back in its box. Its measurements are approximately 13.75” long x 10.5” wide x 15.5” high when fully assembled.


This is a sturdy bronze colored vintage style tricycle designed to hold a bottle and six glasses

You may decide it is over the top or you may decide it is simply fun; whichever the opinion, it will certainly start a conversation

It would make a perfect wedding or housewarming gift


In our experience, one bottle of wine barely manages to fill four glasses, so why have six?