Victrola Rechargeable Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker

They say music is the window to a person’s soul, and we surely think that saying rings true for the most part. No matter who you are, whether you are young or old, the power of music surely has or had an effect on you one way or the other. Frankly speaking, everyone just loves music, and because of that, we just keep making more and more tunes that will touch us deeply and make us feel things. But even with all the new songs coming out, the classics are still considered great and younger generations appreciate, listen and even make song covers of them.

It is also worth noting that because of the technological revolution, we can listen to the music of the past in a clearer resolution and even in an advanced music player disguised as a vintage one. We are talking about the Victrola Rechargeable Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker – a powerful speaker that looks like a blast from the past.

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Detailed information about Victrola Rechargeable Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker

With its built-in subwoofer and rechargeable battery, we are sure you will have tons of fun listening to your favorite music with it. But of course, a device won’t be complete without the Bluetooth, which is an absolute must-have if you want to connect to the speaker with your phone or other devices.

You will be able to enjoy up to 12 hours of music playing when it is fully charged (the speaker fully charges in 8 hours) and even has a charging cable included with it.


Affordable yet high quality and looks expensive

Bluetooth connection capability

Wireless listening for up to 12 hours