Viable Creations Silicone and Bamboo Baking Tools – Set of 6

With the holidays fast approaching there is no time like the present to upgrade some vital kitchen utensils, and if that could be done in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way so much the better!

This chef’s set of kitchen utensils from Viable Creations would make a great gift for a budding chef or a slick addition to any epicurean aficionado’s kitchen. These top-quality utensils are made with both beautiful design and ergonomics in mind.

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Detailed information about Viable Creations Silicone and Bamboo Baking Tools – Set of 6

Firstly, the handles are made of bamboo, which is one of the world’s finest and loveliest sustainable materials.

There is a certain “softness” in the hand that cooking implements made of bamboo have that makes everyday kitchen maneuvers a little more enjoyable.

The handles are also designed in the same way as an artist’s paintbrush is; ergonomically correct and a pleasure to hold – like an extension of the arm, again making the art of cooking a sheer joy.

The working end of these utensils is made of food-grade silicone that will protect the surface of nonstick pots and pans.


Designed by professional chefs and tested for efficiency

The handles are designed with an eye on ergonomics and comfort

Sustainable bamboo and food-grade silicone construction

Set includes six essential kitchen tools