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Vandor 80779 Star Trek 4 Glass Set

Star Trek has been around for quite some time and with it comes a massive group of loyal fans. Space is a whole lot more fun place to be, and so are the collectibles and memorabilia.

You can imagine how many of these next generation stuff is out there and just how much the Trekkie in your life has in their ever-growing Star Trek collection.

Not to despair because in our never-ending search for perfect gifts, we came across this set of 4pc 16 oz Star Trek glasses by Vandor.

We can bet that the Trekkie you are shopping for doesn’t have this cool collection of assorted glass cups and without doubt, they will be thrilled to receive this  Trekkie gift.

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Detailed information about Vandor 80779 Star Trek 4 Glass Set

Now if a Trekkie wants to make an impression like nobody else, they can do so by serving their creations in these Star Trek detailed glasses.

There is a lot said in movies and TV shows, but Star Trek seems to have lots of notable catchphrases that lots of fans identify with.

These glasses feature some of the most famous Star Trek quotes by the cast that are still memorable and will probably live to the next generation.

For example, one of the most recognizable quote by Scott, in many episodes in The Original Series is “I’m giving her all she’s got captain” or Captains James T. Kirk in The Mirror Mirror episode when he tells Mr. Spock "You will find me a formidable enemy" or McCoy when he says "I'm a Doctor, not an engineer."


A set of four detailed Star Trek collectible glasses

The set features fine details with front and back designs