Tea Book Vol 1 and 2

Some things in this world are just better to enjoy together. We are talking about peanut butter and j

elly, sports games and beer, and of course, books and tea. There is much to enjoy about just winding down after a long day, sitting in your favorite couch with your latest book in hand and a cup of nice, hot tea by your side. It is such an ideal way to relax that we are sure you have someone in your life that fits this exact description to a T.

And speaking of tea, we just so happen to have something that they might love to have come to a special occasion like their birthday or Christmas. We are talking about this Tea Book Volume 1 and 2 Combo Pack by Basilur.

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Detailed information about Tea Book Vol 1 and 2

At first glance, it definitely looks like a fancy book worthy of exploration, but lo and behold, when you open it, it is actually packaging for two full-bodied teas that are also housed in a nice, eco-friendly package.

The cool packaging of the teas features a vintage-looking border with a painting of what seems to be a mansion and blue or brown accents on the side of the book, as well as the word “tea book” on the front.


Very beautiful and elegant packaging

Delicious tea with a mix of flavors