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Ambesonne Unicorn Shower Curtain Set

When a friend is obsessed with a specific theme, they can go to the extent of branding the entire house in the theme. It not only shows how much they love the syles but also how creative they can get incorporating it in the common spaces. Many people love unicorn themes, and it does no harm keeping as many items in the theme.

One of such items would have to be this unicorn shower curtain. It is funny as well as useful at the same time. The shower curtain will suit any bathroom and would work correctly as a gift for everyone. It can be a gift for Christmas, birthdays, father’s day, etc.

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Detailed information about Ambesonne Unicorn Shower Curtain Set

The curtain measures 70 inches long and 69 inches wide. This size is suitable for most bathroom spaces and can fit a standard bath stand. The curtain is made of quality Turkish fabric and does not need a liner to remain in the right condition. The package includes free hooks which allow easy fitting.

There is no doubt this curtain will last a long time. The material and the print are made to withstand the regular exposure to water, cleaning and other conditions. It is, and so resists mold, mildew, buildup or soapy water. It is easy to care for with a simple machine wash to keep it in the right condition. It does not fade hence keeping the beautiful prints as good as new.


Attractive unicorn designs

A standard size for most bathroom

Comes with rings to install


Color combination varies