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TORO.TM Toy Dog Fountain & Waterer Paw Step

Looking for the ultimate summer time gift for your dog, or someone else’s dog? This toy dog fountain is an excellent gift that will also help keep them safe during warm summer months! All the homeowner has to do is hookup their water hose to this fun paw step. Anytime your pup wants water? All they have to do is step on the pedal, and out comes the water!

Anyone’s dog will absolutely fall in love with this fountain toy, and any owner will also love that it ensures their dog will have access to water whenever he or she needs it. Dehydration is not anything you want to deal with, and especially during warm months, it can be a real concern. Not when you have this fun toy!

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The pedal is easy enough that both large and small dogs can use it, ensuring any dog is able to stay hydrated and have some fun at the same time. You’ll have to teach your dogs to use the pedal, but once they get the hang of it, they are sure to have fun all summer long.

This is also an excellent gift for anyone who lives in a warm climate all year long- they are especially in need of this dog fountain! A wonderful gift for both dog and owner alike, it is sure to get tons of use year after year, providing fun to the dog, and peace of mind to the owner. Who doesn’t want that!