Osmo Pizza Co. Game: Educational Game For Children

Osmo is an award-winning educational game developer in which they create educational interactive games for iPad.

The way it works is it combines technology with hands-on activity and learning experiences. The way it works is the person buys the base as a starting point, and then they buy each game separately.

Specifically, Osmo Pizza Co. Game is a game about math, fractions, money, and time management. The kid’s jobs are to make the orders the little monsters ask for on the iPad screen, then need to give them the correct change.

Kids do this by utilizing actual physical pieces they can touch and play with. Through the usage of the camera, the game can tell if the order is wrong, incorrect, or just right! Perfect gift for the kids!

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Detailed information about Osmo Pizza Co. Game: Educational Game For Children

Now, no one has to worry about the game is too complex for any child. Osmo games are suitable for all ages 5-12 and as their skill level increases and so does the game.

This game adapts to their learning and grows alongside them. In order for Osmo to work the players must have an iPad Pro 9.7 inch, any iPad Mini, an iPad Air, or an iPad 2 and up. It is not compatible with any other devices.


Perfect for all ages

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