SoundLogic XT Multicade 230 Miniature Retro Arcade Video Game Machine

Advancement in technology has brought about lots of good and super cool stuff that we are lucky to have. We are not just talking about smartphones, ultra HD and 4K TVs but also high-performing and ultra-high resolution video game consoles that are all the rage nowadays.

Still, a huge majority are nostalgic about some of the stuff we grew up with like cassettes, vinyl players, and old games from the 70s and 80s, which are still on high demand. To exploit this popularity, Sound Logic has brought a resurgence of old video games through the XT Multicade 230 Miniature Retro Arcade Video Game Machine.

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Detailed information about SoundLogic XT Multicade 230 Miniature Retro Arcade Video Game Machine

The gamer in your life will be thrilled to receive this mini arcade gaming machine, and this will be the beginning of endless hours of fun. This is a quality machine made of durable polypropylene and features a 2.4-inch full-color display.

It’s fully loaded with 230 full-color games, all of which are available at the touch of a button. Imagine having access to all of your favorite childhood classics all in in one device? Anyone who is into unsual gifts would love this one!

And you will not need a console or any other accessories for the machine to function? It’s absolutely fantastic.

The mini arcade gaming machine will deliver an exceptional experience to the players. Everything from puzzle games, shooting games, to platformers and an array of a sports game.


A miniature retro arcade video game machine

Includes 230 full-color games

A great gift for adults and kids alike