Towallmark Self Stirring Mug Funny Gift

Stirring a cup of tea or coffee, cocoa or soup has always been a problem and an added task that must be accomplished before the beverage can be consumed. Usually, a teaspoon is the ideal tool for the task and provides the added benefit of being useful for adding sugar to the hot drink.

But what happens when all the teaspoons in the house have been used and are waiting in the dishwasher to be cleaned, along with the remainder of the useful cutlery that could have been used instead? The answer to this eternal question is quite simple. All that is needed is to buy the “Self-Stirring Mug” from Towallmark.

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Detailed information about Towallmark Self Stirring Mug Funny Gift

The humble teaspoon has now been relegated to the scrap heap as mugs no longer need to be manually stirred. All that is required is for the thumb to press a button switch conveniently placed on the top of the handle and the blades will rotate. There is even a lid with a drinking hole supplied with the mug so that it can love when traveling. This gag gift has been designed and made with the lazy tea and coffee drinker in mind.



This is a really clever idea and one that will appeal to the lazy coffee or tea drinker

Great gag gift that should appeal to all recipients


Difficult to clean properly

Stirring blade often sticks and needs a ‘helping hand’