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Your Wings Were Ready My Heart Was Not Bracelet

When you lose someone dear, the only thing left is a memory of them. You probably understand how hard that phase can be to deal with alone. Therefore, it would be helpful to stand by friends and family going through the same by being there for them.

One way you could show you care about them is getting a timely gift as a memory for their loved one. This bracelet from I Heart Personalized would come in handy during such as trying time. It is designed to suit both men and women that are going through a moment of loss.

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Detailed information about Your Wings Were Ready My Heart Was Not Bracelet

The bracelet is made of a premium material to last a long time. It does not tarnish, rust or lose the gloss over time with the right care. The engraved message on it makes this bracelet special. It speaks about how heartbreaking it got losing someone special but again comforts that it was time their wings were ready.

The words are stamped to ensure they remain visible all through. The design of the bracelet features a cuff style which makes it suitable for most wrist sizes. One can press it closer to fit smaller wrist and loosen it to suit those with fuller wrists. Indeed, it is a perfect gift for a friend going through grief.