The Extraordinary Book of Useless Information: The Most Fascinating Facts

Christmas is literally around the corner and with it comes the exciting gift seasons. Its all about family loved ones and gifts and gifts and more gifts. You probably have a long gift list, and you are hoping that this seasons you will outdo everyone else and get the most exciting and fun gifts. If you are stuck a little bit on the most appropriate gift to buy, don’t fret. We have something that will be a hit and memorable to the person you pass it to.

This book by Don Voorhees titled The Extraordinary Book of Useless Information is probably the funniest book you will ever lay your hands on. This book is a great one with hilarious facts that are fun to read about. It will certainly be a perfect gift, and the receiver will have a good time while reading it.

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Detailed information about The Extraordinary Book of Useless Information: The Most Fascinating Facts

Don Voorhees, who is an amazing author of other entertaining books such as The Incredible Book of Useless Information, The indispensable Book Useless Information, The Essential Book of Useless Information among others, is a talented a bestseller who has a way of creatively coming up with entertaining books for his readers.

In this book, The Extraordinary Book of Useless Information, Von has come up with interesting and fascinating facts that basically have no use in real life, but they are actually fun to read nevertheless. The book is full of fun facts that no one really needs to know, but they are hilarious and fun to read. Anyone who lands their hands on this book will have a laughter-filled moment as they read the useless facts as Von puts it.


Available in paperback format

An addition to the New York’s number one bestselling series

The book is entertaining and has hilarious and humorous facts