The Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong

This book by John Mitchinson and John Llyod titled The Book of General Ignorance will have the reader questioning everything they thought they knew in their entire life. It challenges what most of us grew up learning and assuming to be factual, verifiable truths in areas such as literature, history, science, nature, and many others.

It’s a pool of well-documented facts and surprising revelations that will leave the reader questioning their childhood believes and some of the things they learned in school. The authors use witty language to make the book interesting and fun; thus the reader will not only be getting nuggets of wisdom, but they will also have a good laugh while at it.

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Detailed information about The Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong

If you ever thought the tallest mountain is Mt. Everest, or baseball was originally invented America, believe it or not, you are definitely wrong and need to get hold of this book. If you have a friend who thinks they know everything under the sun, the trivia expert or the all-time, the winner of random facts, here is your perfect moment to burst their bubble.

Give this book to anyone who needs to know that general knowledge, is not, after all, that general. This is a surprisingly lengthy book filled with seldom known facts that challenge what most people believe to be factual and true. It will have the reader scratching their heads questioning most of the things they thought were true.


The book is entertaining and humorous

Well-written with random entries and answers

Available in different formats

An excellent coffee table conversation piece